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Three Basics to Achieve Professional Looking Name Card in Singapore

Having a well designed name card is an essential asset as a professional. It is a simple tool that acts as a key for you to step into many doors of opportunity as you try to create beneficial business relationships with various people in your line of work.

As you try to make your own name card in Singapore, there are several things that you must not forget in order to ensure the quality of your name card as well as making sure that it looks interesting enough to leave a positive impression upon the recipient of your card.

1. Bright colors

Choosing a color for your name card may be quite difficult. But you should remember that bright colors stand out and it will be easier for you to get remembered if you choose a color that is vibrant. Although, choosing dark colors like black is also allowed. There is no real restriction in choosing a color for your name card as long as you can make a good balance between the background color and the text color, ensuring legibility by keeping them in contrast. You also have to make sure that the colors of your choice are the colors that can represent you or your brand well, because certain colors can really trigger certain emotions in people’s mind, so it is really important that you understand color psychology as well and implement it in your design.

2. Paper stock

It is absolutely critical to choose good quality paper stock. There are a lot of different types of paper stock for name card printing that you can choose, and they have different qualities. It is highly preferable that you choose heavyweight paper that is thicker than common paper. However, it is also still okay to choose lightweight paper. Although, the end product will look and even feel different. There are also various texture options and different paper colors for your choice. For example, some papers are not white, but instead cream colored or even more vibrant ones like blue or pink. Choosing one of these can really make a difference in your design. In fact, you can save up on ink because you won’t have to print out the background color since the paper is already in color. Always choose wisely, and remember to consider your budget as well.

3. Finishes

Choosing the right type of finishes can really help you not only in making your name card look better, but also achieving higher quality and durability. Some finishes like coating or even laminating can make your name card more resistant toward moisture, tearing, folding, crumpling, and other damages. It is especially good if the lightweight paper stock is the one that you choose for your name card printing because it can make it last longer and even look better. With the right choice of finishes, you can make your name card look more elegant and expensive than it actually is, and you can truly leave a strong impression toward its recipient as well.

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