Stamp Shapes for Many Uses

brown color stamp

As many have known, the stamp has many uses especially around the office work and other business purposes. It has been considered as one of the essential stationeries for office because it is beneficial and adaptable for many occasions.

One of the most important roles of a stamp is declaring the identity of the existence of an institution, company, or organization. It can also represent an individual, even. This is usually for legal and formal documents.

However, stamps are not always used for formal purposes. It can also be used for crafts or simply just to make your work easier and more effective.

Even around the office, the stamp can come in many types and used for various purposes. Depending on how it is designed, a stamp can be anything; it can be very formal to very casual. It can hold an important role and power and it can also don’t have any power at all.

Stamps that are designed for minor tasks such as document organization, marking them and such are often found even in the office because it can help people work more effectively. They are custom made, and they are easy to obtain. Compared to more formal stamps, they don’t need much consideration upon designing and manufacturing.

Even so, there are still a few things to consider in making stamps, such as the appropriate shape for your stamp.

1. Round Stamp

This is one of the most commonly used shapes for stamps and it is most likely appropriate for any kind of  uses. A round shape is suitable for creating Singapore rubber stamp, but most likely it is quite uncommon for self inking and pre inked stamp.

2. Rectangular Stamp

This stamp is more rigid than the round stamp, and it is the most common shape when creating the self-inking type of stamp. It is less dynamic and often it can appear more formal than other shapes.

3. Oval Stamp

An oval stamp is very similar to a round shape, it’s just it has more space for more design. It can be used by government agencies, schools, and companies.

4. Free Shape

A stamp can also come in a whole different shape than the mentioned above. There is no rule and limitation on how a stamp shape can be. However, this type of stamp is usually not very suitable for formal uses. A free shape stamp with a unique design is more suitable for casual uses or fun instead of for actual work. However, there is a free shape that might be very beneficial for office work, such as turning your signature as a stamp. This way, you can sign documents repeatedly without wasting too much energy. You can also save time and be ensured of a consistent neat signature throughout all the documents. Another thing you can do with a free shape stamp is stamping QR code on several useful items. This QR code may entice customers and invite them to engage to scan it. You can choose whatever website you wish to direct them to, such as your website or social media platform where they can find more information about your company or your brand or your products.

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