Print High Quality Full Color Stickers Using These Tips

stickers printing on the wall

If you’re going to start a custom sticker printing business or wanting to improve the existing quality of the stickers you produce, you might wonder how to print the best quality full color stickers to satisfy your customers. Printing a full color sticker comes with various difficulties. Below are a few tips and trick on how to overcome them and create the best stickers possible.

First, it is important to understand CMYK process color. To produce various colors, four primary ink colors are required. These primary colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and color. When these colors are combined, thousands of colors can be produced. For example, to create a shade of orange, you have to print small dots of magenta and once the sticker sheets are dry, another printing process with the yellow ink is required. There might be minor flaws such as streaks and dots caused by this technique, but it is usually not noticeable much to the naked eye. Although certain colors like gray shades may cause more noticeable imperfections. It is important to understand and master the CMYK process for stickers printing.

If your sticker design requires 100 percent exact color reproduction, then you might consider using a custom Pantone (PMS) run. Pantone will help you produce better exact solid colors on stickers. Sticker printing with Pantone enables you to match the exact color that you desire. As precise as it gets, the price for Pantone is higher compared to CMYK processing. Price of Pantone sticker printing should be considered depending on quantities and sticker size, as well as other labor and additional costs. It is recommended to offer this type of printing with a minimum order of 25.000 stickers and up.

To enhance the quality of your stickers, you must also be able to choose the right color values. Lighter color shades with small quantities of CMYK colors are most difficult to balance. This is to be taken note of especially when designing full color stickers. CMYK values under 10% can get lost in the screen. They must be kept at either 0% or 10% to maintain the best quality of the final product.

This color value must also be applied to the color black. The black ink also consists of the color cyan, magenta, and cyan to a certain extent with the right color values. The mixture of these colors creates the ultimate black. The optimum mix to create the ultimate black color is 100% cyan, 85% magenta, 85% yellow, and 100% black.

To create a good quality sticker, you might want to avoid large areas of solid color in the design. On solid color areas, it is recommended to add extra design elements and distress the background design. Large solid colors are better to be broken up to smaller areas to allow subtle dithering. It will also enhance the design and look of the sticker itself.

A lot of practice and trial and errors are required to acquire the desired outcome and quality of your stickers. Keep these tips in mind to help you as you develop your sticker printing business, you might even discover some tips of your own that suit your style and equipment.

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