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Make a Pull Up Banner That Stands Out With These Four Tips

red Japanese pull up banner

Making sure that your pull up banner creates enough impact on people to convince them to listen to your marketing efforts and hopefully try out your product or service is really important in your campaign. Of course, the main thing that you must pay attention to is the design of the banner itself. Even though the success of your campaign does not only rely on the effectiveness of your pull up banner, it is undeniable that the design of your banner is one of the main attraction points that can reel in potential customers into your booth or stand in events so that they can offer themselves to discover and learn more about what you have to offer.

So that you can have a great banner design, we have compiled four quick tips on pull up banner designing.

1. Pay attention to the banner flow

Commonly, people read from top to bottom. You would think that it is best to put the most important information on the top and least important information on the bottom. Yes, this is true. The upper part of your banner is where you need to put information that is most critical; the core of the marketing. You should put your company slogan, call to action, and other things that can leave a stronger impression on this part. Also remember that people read from left to right, so make sure that your banner follows this for easier reading and less confusing people who try to understand your banner.

The most important thing that needs to be in the topmost part of your banner is your logo followed by the core message of your campaign. The main message of your marketing efforts must be easy to understand and it must be able to be read at a glance.

2. Don’t be shy with colors

It can be a challenge to stand out among so many other pull up banners in an event where there are many tenants and participants. Thus, one of the things that you can do is try to use vivid colors that are interesting and eye-catching. You can try choosing colors that are saturated so that they look brighter. However, it is also most important to make sure that the colors of your choice represent your brand well. It is also important to make sure that the material and printing method are right so that they can produce more vibrant colors that are in the best quality to be able to attract more people who pass by.

3. Images

It is great to incorporate enticing images to make your banner look more interesting. However, many people tend to forget to use images that come in high quality. They should be at least at 300 dpi so that they won’t be pixelated or stretched once they get printed. If you are unsure of how to get high quality images or how to convert the existing images into high quality resolution, you should try to find help from professionals. The quality of the images that you use is very important since it can reflect the quality of your company and brand as well. The better you can design your banner, the better the first impression of yours in the eyes of your potential customers are.

5. Add details

People may not be interested to use your products or service at the first encounter. They may take time to consider before they finally make their purchase. Thus, it is really important to let them know where and how they can find you later on. You have to provide them your contact details. These days, in this era that relies so much on the technology and internet, it is really great if you can provide the address of your website or social media handle where people can independently try to learn more about you and be persuaded that way to purchase your product or use your service.

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