Is The Secretary Having The Responsibility To Promote The Business?

The role of the corporate secretarial services is very important in an organization. In addition to acting as a link between the board of the company, shareholders as well as the government, they are in need of carrying out all the primary duties. You have to know about the fact that the secretary of the company will be performing the most complex and essential roles of an organization. A professional and experienced one must possess the following skills which are necessary for the growth of them, they are as follows, 

  • good communication knowledge 
  • better decision-making skill  
  • have the ability in order to handle the company’s annual report 
  • must need an understanding of the global market  
  • Strong problem-solving skills  
  • Good with statistics  

Who is the secretary of the company? 

The primary goal of the company secretary is to take care of all the administrative functions and the documentation process of an organization. They do not need any formal qualifications, but they need to have a heavily administrative nature and should be well organized as well as motivated. The major responsibility of the secretary is to filing and maintaining all the legal documents of an organization.  

Other ways the secretary contribute to the business  

Apart from maintaining the official documents, they are having an essential role in the growth of the business. It is because they have some additional duties to take on. They will involve in all the duties, and it is considered to be a time-consuming role. They are really working for the growth of the company, and they ensure to maintain the number one position in the business market.  

Importance of secretary in startups  

You have to know about the fact that four shareholders are considered to be the important foundation of an organization. They are directors, auditors, shareholders, and the secretary of the company. Among these four, a company secretary has the least responsibility, but they are still acting as key people who are really essential for the growth of the company. In Singapore, it is essential to hire the secretary within six months of the date of the incorporation of the company. But the important factor is that they should belong to the resident of Singapore. They are treated as the sole director of the company.  

Hire company secretary  

In general, the roles and responsibilities of the company secretary in Singapore can be divided into two parts, and they are as follows,  

  • Business and operational duties  

The secretary will be acting as a connection between the employees and the director. They are taking in-charge of making agenda for the meetings as well as non-official gatherings. And the prominent responsibility is taking care of all kinds of transactions of the firm.  

  • Legal and financial duties 

On considering in terms of legal and financial duties, they are the one who manages the insurance cover and prepares all the account statements. They are in need to ensure that the business is following the laws and regulations of the government.

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