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Important Printing Considerations for the Perfect Wedding Invitation Card

Making your own wedding invitation cards? Why not. With a self-designed wedding card printing, you will be able to freely express your personality and make a unique invitation.

Even if you are not experienced in designing and printing, you don’t have to worry. These important tips will guide you through everything that you need to get an ideal wedding invitation card.

1. Decide on a Proper Wedding Invitation Card Size

There is a large variety of wedding invitation card size that you can choose. You are free to choose any size of the wedding card for your special event, however, there are a few factors that are important in determining the decision of wedding invitation card.

First of all, the wedding invitation card that you make must be small enough to be posted in the mail to reach distant guests. Make sure that you know what is the maximum mailing dimension in your country so that you can design a wedding invitation card within the allowed size for mailing.

Another important consideration for the decision of the wedding invitation card size is about fitting your invitation card into the standard size envelope because it is cheaper and less of a hassle to buy the standard size envelope in a large amount instead of making your own custom envelope in a certain size.

It is important to first source your envelopes before you start designing your wedding invitation card, then fit the invitation card to the envelope so that you can be sure that there’s a suitable envelope for your invitation.

You can also consider making your wedding invitation card in the size of a postcard or even better, making it one that best fits to get sent through the mail.

Last but not least, consider if you want a portrait or landscape wedding invitation card. Of course, you can also print it as square if that’s what you prefer. The traditional wedding invitation card is portrait, and this looks proper and elegant. However, in the last few years, portrait wedding invitation cards have become more popular since this size can also fit more information regarding the event which will benefit you especially if you have a lot of details to inform your guests.

2. Design Digitally

Of course, doing things including designing a wedding invitation card is better done with the computer. Make sure that you find a professional design software to help you out with the process of wedding invitation card design.

With a digital design that is done properly, you can have a design that is printing friendly which definitely makes it a lot easier for the production of your wedding invitation cards.

There are a number of different printing software that you can choose to use, such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. The latter option is most likely better because it is made for professional standard and print-ready stationery.

3. Choose the Suitable Color Palette

A design that can express more individualism of the bride and groom’s is gradually becoming popular these days. With the right color, that can be achieved. Colors are powerful in affecting and triggering the emotion of anyone who sees, creating a certain mood and atmosphere to the design.

If you prefer the traditional style for your wedding invitation card, then you should go for a toned-down color palette. This gives off a more muted look and somewhat elegant. The go-to colors for this style are creams and golds that create a luxurious as well as refined impression. Pastel colors and pink, as well as mint and baby blue, can also be great to make your wedding invitation look more feminine.

If you’re going for a rustic style, stick to pared-back color choices and tones of brown as well as grey that can boost the country feel design.

Want a bolder color combination for your wedding invitation? Then consider midnight blue and metallics such as gold, silver, or bronze as well as black and white. Burnt orange and navy colors are great as well, along with green and copper.

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