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Four Tips for a Good Standee Banner Design

A standee banner is one of the best marketing tool that is absolutely affordable. And not only that, a standee banner actually works in catching the attention of the target audience as it is put to work. It is a simple marketing tool that is easy to handle and not difficult to manufacture. Whenever you need it, you can simply find a printing shop and send in your banner design. 

Since its pupose is to grab people’s attention, its looks have become very important. You can’t just design a standee banner half heartedly. There are many things to consider and a few things to contemplate about as you design. Here are several things that you should remember for a better banner design. To find out more info you can visit Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing

1. Consider Place 

Always try to think about where you will use the stanadee in. Is it going to be a crowded place? Is it going to be a quiet venue? This knowledge affects the design of your banner because if it’s seemingly going to be a crowded place or venue, you have to remember to try to deliver your promotional messages in a shorter sentences because people won’t have much time to stop and read your banner. On the contrary, if it is an event with limited visitors, for example, then you don’t have to worry about the target audience’s time in reading your banner because most likely they will be able to read everything leisurely. For crowded events, it is good to include the rest of the information in a flyer or banenr that they can carry around and read whenever they want. 

2. Insert a Call to Action 

A call to action is a sentence that is used as a bait or a little push for people to do something after they read and get interested by what’s promoted on the banner. An example of a call to action sentence is call now, where it makes people feel like they have to get in touch immediately. It is something small but it can really make a difference. 

3. Clear Contact Details 

You have to include at least one way for someone to be able to contact you in case they want to learn more about your product, use your service, and etc. However, make sure that the information doesn’t hinder other elements in the banner. It is the easiest to let them know about your phone number, and keep it as simple as that. You don’t have to provide too much other information. 

4. Convey Concisely 

Remember to always try to deliver your messages in simple sentences that are eeasy to understand instead of going around with too many words that only make the reader feel confused. Try to utilize bullets and numberings and provde information in quick sentences. However, you also have to be careful about not providing enough information instead. While being concise, you have to make sure that you are able to give all the necessary information that people need to know without making them feel confused. 

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