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A Guide for Beginners in Wax Sealing

an old wax seal letter

Wax sealing used to be popular for a more important reason for sealing documents or letters before they get sent through the mail. Now that exchanging mails has been made easy with technology, not many people use wax to seal the same way anymore. Even so, it doesn’t mean that the wax seal is something that is fully abandoned even now. People have found a more interesting way to use a wax seal. Arts and crafts now utilize wax sealing to create unique decorations. You might have already seen this yourself since it’s starting to become famous around the internet. You might be wondering, how to start using a wax seal? How to actually do it? Well, in this article, your questions and curiosities will be answered.

1. Where to Use Wax Seal

You can use a wax seal on nearly anything as long as it can stick onto the surface or material. There are many different types of waxes so you must try to find which one that works on the material that you want. A wax seal these days can be used for product packaging, certificates, to make your wedding stationery look more interesting, and even for letters and documents, still, especially ones that are formal and legal. A wax seal can really act an added value onto these items, making them look more unique and memorable.

2. How to Stamp and Seal

First thing first, you have to melt the wax that you’re going to use as a seal. Make sure that it is melted thoroughly without any lumps. If you’re using a wax sealing spoon, then you can pour it carefully onto the spot that you want to be sealed. If you are using a glue gun, then you should push out the wax and try to make it into an even round shape. Then, quickly grab your stamp and press it down onto the wax before it gets fully hardened. Now all you have to do is wait until the wax is cooled down and solidify. After you’re sure that it is completely hardened, you can attempt to lift your stamp. The logo or mark that is engraved on the stamp will be left on the wax, making it a wax seal. You can even try to decorate it a little bit more, for example using colored markers, glitters, or other ornaments.


Learning about wax sealing requires a lot of trials and errors. That’s the only way you can know which type of wax works best for certain uses, and which tool you are most comfortable with. Learning the characteristics of each type of wax is important in being able to reduce mistakes and choosing the right type of wax for certain uses. For example, some waxes are more easy to break compared to the others, while some other type of wax is more flexible that it does not easily break. The wax seal that is more rigid and breakable is not recommended for letter sealing, however, it may be good for other purposes. That goes the same way with a more flexible seal, it should have its advantages and disadvantages as well.

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