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5 Ways to Make Your Greeting Card Stands Out

1. Use A Personal Design 

This is a good suggestion for you if you want to make a greeting card anytime soon. The personal touch will give you space to create more. You will know better what to put on the greeting card. Special personal things will make your greeting card more memorable and last in the recipient’s memory as long as you can think. You can use decorations, designs, or words that only the recipient knows. In addition, it will be easier and faster for you to create something personal. For information, you can write it down manually your writing on a piece of paper. Or also use greeting card printing services. Both can be used, but you will get optimal and neat results if you have your own design and print it. 

2. Use Colour Combinations 

A colour combination will make a great alternative to greeting cards. You can use one colour with another colour alternately. For example, at Christmas, you make a greeting card with a combination of red, green, and white. Or for your nephew’s birthday, you can use vibrant and colourful vibes. One thing to pay attention to is to make sure to set the colour to CMYK when you designing it. 

3. Get the Right Content  

The content in this case can be in the form of written sentences that you put on a greeting card. You need to adjust the context first, according to what event you give the card. You need to make sure that the recipient understands the message you are writing. No need to write long sentences, instead make them short and straightforward. Why is that? Because the size of the card most likely limits the writing you can do. Therefore, you need to optimize the writing so that it is brief but still understandable. 

4. Use the Right Size 

Let say you bought a gift for your lover, and plan to give a greeting card too. So, you need to pay attention to the size of the gift you buy with the size of the greeting card you make. Since you are recommended to use a service from a printing shop, you should know the sizes of greeting cards. There are A4, A5, and A6, furthermore, you will need to ask and explain clearly to them about your needs. This is to prevent making greeting cards that are too big, while the gifts you give are small. We recommend that you wrap the gift in a medium-sized box. Then you use a greeting card with small sizes such as A5 or A6. That way, both gifts, and the cards will suit perfectly. 

5. Make It Neat 

To produce something that stands out, you need to make it neat. It’s neat in the sense that you need to pay attention to the placement of the design and decoration, the placement of the writing, the colours, and so on. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are limited to what you want to create. But more than you need to pay attention to how every aspect will benefit each other to make the card more stands out.

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